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Community Conservation - Spotted! Common Frog

We regularly ask our community members to keep their eyes peeled for interesting wildlife and nature around the park. We do this because we’re lucky to have a park that is diverse in habitat and a thriving haven for all manner of flora and fauna.

Our most recent photo submission was of this gorgeous fellow, the common frog. Taken by one of our Facebook group members, he was spotted by the gardens that back onto the park from Cloud’s Hill Avenue.

Spotting a common frog is a sign of the wealth of diversity in our park. These frogs’ natural habitats include grassland and meadow areas, as well as ponds and woodland – all of which our beautiful park provides.

The common frog is most frequently spotted March to October, so keep your eyes peeled for others!

If you’ve spotted something wild and wonderful in St George Park, please email a photo to info@friendsofstgeorgepark.org.uk along with where it was sited and at what time.

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